DeleteUber: Everything You Need to Know

DeleteUber- Everything You Need to Know
May 26, 2017
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Uber is a great platform to use. It allows normal, everyday people to work as taxi drivers. It has many benefits that you can`t find anywhere else. It is definitely a future of the public transportation. And the whole install base is growing and growing day by day. But Uber as a company did some unpopular moves. Especially one that has rallied people all around the US. It made people delete the Uber app from their phones. Twitter was full of #DeleteUber posts. It was a trending topic on the Twitter for few days. But why is that? What did Uber do to get such a big amount of hate? Was that hate justified? Well, we will try to answer that question in this article. So let`s start.

How did it all start?

All of it has started when there was massive protest all around the US because of Presidents Trump`s immigration ban. This ban was intended to ban all the people from entering the US if they were from One of the countries that US government deemed dangerous. All of those countries were from the Middle East. And the big problem was that this ban was practically a ban against Muslims. This created a big uprize all around the US. This law was pretty much a discrimination against the people of one religion. To some, this looked like Nazi Germany, because it was, in a way, the same kind of discrimination that was done against Jews in World War II. All of the US was up at arms. People started to protest. And all the city taxi companies has joined the protests. They didn`t want to drive people from the airport, in that way they have shown a solidarity to all the people who were not able to enter their country. And then there was is an Uber. This is when they made this very unpopular move that has created such a big backlash. They didn`t stop to drive people from the airports, no, they even raise the prices and told their drivers to go to the airports and drive the people around as much as they can until the protest was over.

You can see now why this had created such a big backlash. Why the people started to hate Uber. They were able to protest like every other taxi company. But they were only able to see the profit. Not the message that they could send to people and to president Trump itself. This is when the backlash has started. When the people realized that Uber was in it just for a cash grab. This had infuriated people. They could not believe that Uber was such a heartless company, which, indirectly, earned more money that usual on the suffering of the other people.

And that is why #DeleteUber was started. People were so infuriated because of this policy of Uber. Many people didn`t want to use Uber anymore, and that is a good reason. Because this has shown to people that Uber is just another greedy company that is capable of doing anything just to earn some more cash. That they don`t care about a little man, just about themselves.

Is #DeleteUber justified?

Is the whole idea behind #DeleteUber justified? Well, it is hard to say. We can understand the people’s reaction. This is a valid reason to not to use their service anymore. There are many different services that offer the same features as Uber. But should you delete your Uber account? This should be up to you. You shouldn’t break down under the pressure of people. Maybe Uber is the only transportation service that you can use in your area. Maybe it is the only way that you can go to your work and home. That is why you should not delete Uber. You can criticize them, you can tell everyone that you don`t agree with their policies. But if Uber is only viable option for you to use, then don`t delete it. Also, not all of Uber drivers agree with Uber policies. Many of them don`t. That is why you should be also considered towards those people. Because they just work for the company, they don`t share the same views as the company. Did Uber do wrong? Yes. Let`s hope that this will be a good lesson to them.

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