How AirBnB Changed Traveling Forever

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May 28, 2017
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In the past traveling was a big chore. You need do plan pretty much everything. There was a high chance that the trip would not go as you planned it to. And the most troubling part was that there was a chance that hotel in which you would stay is very of bad quality. The only way to find out if the hotel is good enough was by word of mouth, which can differ from person to person. And your only option for getting sleeping while on vacation or trip were hotels, hostels, and motels. But with the internet things has changed, they become simpler, easier. Especially the way you plan your trips. And best addition to that is AirBnB. A website that changed the way you travel for millions and millions of people. And why is that? Why is AirBnB so special? Well, we will tell you in this article, so let’s start.

What is AirBnB?

So, what exactly is AirBnB? AirBnB is a website that allows the people all around the world to rent their homes, cottage and etc. to the people all around the world. So if you travel to some area, you can go to the AirBnB website, search for all possible houses, apartments, cottages in your area. See the pictures, review, and availability, and if you like what you see then you can rent the house for the period of time that works for you. It is easy as that. Of course, there are many measures that are put in place to protect the person that rents the house and the person that will stay at that house. Also, AirBnB gives you the flexibility like never before. You are not restricted to hotels anymore, you can choose any house that is available to rent. In the past, you had to calculate how far is your hotel from the center of the city or the place that you really want to visit. But now, problems like that are in the past. You will be able to choose just the right place at the right distance from the city or city center, register, pay the rent, and you are done. It is that easy.

Why is AirBnB so great?

What are the reasons why AirBnB is so great? What makes it so special and functional and easy to use? Well, first, it gives you much, much wider range of options. You are not stuck with hotels anymore, you can rent the house or apartment that perfectly fits you and your needs. You can also rent the place that is in the right distance from the place you are visiting. There is no need for long trips through the town you are visiting. Just rent the house or apartment that is very near the place you are visiting, and you will be able to visit all the sightseeing by walking around the town.

Another benefit of AirBnB is a wide range of prices. You are not stuck to rent only the expensive rooms like in hotels. You can rent luxury homes, apartments, but you can also rent a simple, cheap apartments or homes. It is pretty much up to you what will you choose and what is the best option for you.

Also, you can see what kind of feedback has every person got from other people. This is very beneficial when you are choosing the place to stay. With this option, there is a really low chance that you would get something that is not a great fit for you. Or worse, getting something that is in very bad state, which can definitely damage your traveling experience. But with AirBnB, those uncomfortable experiences are put in the past. You will have all the info that you need to know if some place is just right for you, or if it is in pretty bad state and not worth of the money. You can just go and look for the other place.

You can also book as many people as you need. There is an option to book 8 or even more people. And, believe us, there are places that can accommodate that amount of people with ease. This option will allow you to save the money. If you set that many people in the hotel, the price would be probably double or even more. But with AirBnb the price can be really low. It all depends on what kind of place you will rent. What is good enough for you and your friends.

How did AirBnB change traveling?

It has changed it in a many ways. First, it allows you to choose from millions and millions of locations. Then, it allowed the people to rate every single place in which they have stated, same goes for owners who can rate customers. This gives a big picture about the quality of the service that every single place and person can offer you. Then, it gave the people the option to travel around the world with little to no worry. You will never again be afraid that place in which you want to stay is full. First, you register, then you look around the site for the place which is perfect for you, then you pay the rent amount and you got yourself a place to stay in during the trip. It also allowed for people to earn some extra cash while they are not home. You can rent your home to other people while you are on the trip. This is a great way to earn some money while you are relaxing in some resort. And it created the fluid market. You can rent pretty much any kind of place that you want. From luxury villas, to the simple apartment or house, it is really all up to you. And the difference in the price can be astronomical. Those are just some ways that AirBnB has changed the traveling. And it has changed it for better, much better than it used to be.

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