Is Tesla really good for the environment?

Is Tesla really good for the environment
April 18, 2017
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For a very long time, many car companies tried to create the first successful all-electric car. But none of them ever get that point. For years and years they tried, but in the end, they would fail. But there was one new company that has changed it all. And that company is Tesla. This car company is the first car company that successfully has brought an electric car to the mainstream car market. And their electric cars are beautiful, elegant, modern looking and efficient. Tesla has become a staple of wealth, of stature. It is great that electric car has become wasted by such a large number of people. That made people think and consider to finally use electric cars instead standard cars. But are really Tesla`s so good for the environment? Or is the story about this company and its Eco-friendliness little more gray? Well, let`s find out.

Why Tesla cars are great for environment

So, what does make Tesla cars great for the environment? It is very simple, they don`t produce dangerous and harmful gasses. The reason why is because they use electricity as a source of fuel. You probably already know that. But another way that Tesla cars are great for the environment is because they make people think. There is no other product on the market that has such a big impact on people’s opinion on the ecological state of our planet. Tesla cars had made people think about what they are doing for our environment, what we do to make our planet cleaner and safer. This is probably most important thing and change that Tesla cars had made. They made people think about our planet and about the ways that we can make it cleaner, how we can save our ecological system.

It is also great that when Tesla car comes to the end of its life cycle, all materials that could present the danger to the environment can be recycled. And those parts are lithium batteries. Those batteries contain many types of precious metals that are worth of money. And as such can be used for other products when battery itself becomes defected. And with this one swing, you have take care of the most dangerous part that potentially could do the same damage to the ecosystem. So Tesla itself is really harmless to our environment. And you can find many special parking spots for electric cars. Many countries and cities are giving free parking spots for electric cars on which they can charge. Also, many countries encourage people to buy electric cars, and the best option is, of course, Tesla.

Or is it so? Are Tesla`s really safe for our environment?

People usually only see what is presented to them. If you have a great marketing team, then you can tell and sell pretty much everything that you want to people. You can say that your product is the best one ever, the most eco-friendly product on the whole planet. We don`t think that Tesla motors really did that. But they definitely didn`t talk about the one big and concerning issue. From where does electricity come that is used to power the car. And that is where we are crossing from white zone to gray zone. Unfortunately, most of the electricity in the world is made by coal electric plants. Now you probably are getting some clues why Tesla`s aren’t that good for our environment. Coal power plants are huge environment polluters, probably one of the big ones on the whole planet. They release a huge amount of carbon dioxide and other harmful gasses to out atmosphere. The problem is that in some calculations, by powering your car with electricity to full, you indirectly pollute the environment more than normal cars that use standard combustion engines. So every time you charge your Tesla, you pollute environment at least same amount of standard cars. And that is where all those stories of eco-friendly cars fall in the water. And no one really wants to talk about it. If all people were aware of this problem, Tesla motors would be in serious problem.  And we do need to respect Tesla by at least trying to make the world better place. And their idea would work if most of the power plants didn`t use coal as a source of fuel. We can hope that in the future things could change on better and that most of the power plants will use renewable sources of energy.

But there is a hope

Not all is so grim. There is potentially bright future. All the countries in the world are doing their best to produce more and more energy from renewable sources. And the reason for those changes is climate changes. This could finally open the eyes of many companies and countries to change something, to make the world a better, healthier place. And if that does happen, then electric cars will finally be really ecologically friendly. When you get the electricity from the renewable sources and drive an electric car, you will spend the energy that didn`t pollute our environment in any way. And then your electric car, preferably Tesla, won`t left any carbon print. It will be finally the car that they promised to you. First 100% eco-friendly car.

We can`t look at everything right white or black lens because most of our world is gray. There are many awesome products that offer you a lot, which promises you everything. But in most cases, they can`t deliver on those promises. That is why we as people need to be suspicious and cautious. But Tesla did deliver on all of the fronts accept one. But that could really change in a near future. Who knows, maybe Elon Musk will develop some kind of home battery that is charged through renewable sources of energy, and with it, you will be able to charge your Tesla. Who knows what future will bring us. But we hope that it will be a green one.

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