What to Expect from Apple’s New Campus

What to Expect from Apple's New Campus
June 5, 2017
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February 24th – We’re just a couple of months away from the opening of Apple’s new campus in Cupertino, California. This is no doubt that apple new campus location is in California where all the biggest US companies have offices. What started off as a project supposed to be finished by mid-2015, setbacks forced the company to delay the opening of the campus by almost 2 years. But looking at the recent photos and videos of the campus, dubbed by many as the “Spaceship HQ” because of its circular-type shape, you can only feel admiration and a sense of pleasantness for what the company has achieved over a short period of time. The first thing that immediately jumps out is the ridiculous amount of land covered by new campus: Over 2.8 million square feet or 176 acres! You would think that this is a little over the top but considering that Apple is planning on moving almost 12.000 of its employees to the new campus by mid-2017. The ring-shaped structure is supposed to be covered by almost six kilometers of glass and will allow its employees to enjoy the breathtaking view from virtually anywhere inside the building. Another cool thing about the interior of the campus is that it will run on something called “natural ventilation” for almost the entire year.

Because of the smart way it is constructed and because of Apple’s pledge to use only renewable energy sources in its facilities, it will require no additional heating or air-conditioning for 8-10 months during a year. Of course, the top of the building is to be outfitted with solar panels to be used as a backup electrical supply, while the main source of electricity will be the Cupertino power grid of course. The area around the campus is going to be very park-like and is supposed to reflect Steve Job’s childhood memories of the Californian landscape, said Norman Foster, chairman and founder of “Foster+Partners”.  The architectural firm is tasked with bringing Steve’s vision to light. Haven’t heard of “Foster+Partners” before? Think of Wembley Stadium or London’s Millenium Bridge. Let’s just say that Apple’s in good hands. One of the things that personally impressed me the most is that Apple plans to have around 7000 trees surrounding the new campus, including some indigenous species, like apricots. I guess that taking that 15 minute walk to clear your mind before resuming work doesn’t sound too bad now, right? Taking a look at the pictures so far you might notice something’s missing – no parking spaces, no cars? Well Apple thought of that, too. The massive, 14000+ room parking space is buried bellow the main building so it wouldn’t spoil the natural view. They really thought of everything, haven’t they? Of course, it wouldn’t be Apple if we didn’t include a segment about the late Steve Jobs.

People are wondering how much input did Steve have on the park’s creation and design? Well, according to Tim Cook – CEO of Apple, “Steve intended that the park be a home of innovation for many generations to come”. He was inspired by a large space on the Stanford Campus known as “The Main Quad”. To honor the great innovator and philanthropist, Apple announced that the park will feature a 1,000 seat auditorium located on top of a hill, one of the highest points in the area. It will be called “The Steve Jobs Theater” and will in no doubt be used for future product launches and presentations, thus eliminating the need to travel to San Francisco every time a new product is on the horizon. Another interesting element of the park will be a “wellness center” that will cater to the needs of some 20,000 people, in other words – the entire Apple community in Silicon Valley. The park will also be surrounded by over 2 miles of jogging and cycling paths, complete with 1,000 bicycles available to employees at any given time. And how much does all of this cost you ask? Well, no official numbers were released by Apple so far but we know that the original estimate of half a billion dollars was overrun a long time ago. In late 2013 it was estimated that the costs skyrocketed to somewhere around 5 billion dollars but we won’t know for sure until the project is completed and the numbers are made available to the public. Well, that’s all for our short guide to Apple’s new campus. It’s scheduled to open in April 2017 and we’ll have more news for you then.

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